You Are Not Stuck!


Today, I only want to communicate one thing: You are not stuck.

If you get nothing else from reading this post today, take those four words to heart. The world around you will try to knock you down and say, “You’re going nowhere.”

See if your current job has any of these characteristics:

  • You’ve been stuck for five years or more in the same position you were hired for, with no growth in sight.
  • You took a job your parents said you should take  -- the job that’s safe, the job that’s aligned with your degree, or the job that’s paying well (but you hate it.)
  • You took a job only because of the paycheck, but you hate the office politics, and regret is setting in.
  • You’ve realized your boss doesn’t listen to your questions or welcome constructive feedback. You are just an employee I.D. number to them.

If you’re facing anything like this in your work right now, it’s worth examining what’s really going on. The world and the people in it will communicate that you’re destined to stay in a situation like this. But the truth is, you’re not stuck.

You don’t have to fade away into oblivion with that jerk of a boss. You don’t have to swim in a sea of office politics, only doing the thing your parents said you should do. I’m here to tell you there’s more for your life; there’s more for your 40-hour-a-week commitment.

You’re not stuck in your career because you hold the power to make your own decisions. You, being you, have a vote in your life. You’re in the driver’s seat. You can change!

Here are three steps you can use today to help you take ownership of your work and get over that “stuck” feeling.

3 Steps to Not Be Stuck in Your Career

Step 1 - Assess Your Situation

Wherever you work, if you feel like there’s not a way out, it’s important to understand WHY you feel that way. Is it something going on inside you or are you in a toxic work environment? In fact, answering that question is so important that I’ve created a free PDF about toxic workplaces. You can get that here.

Step 2 - Own Your Feelings

This step is important, because our feelings can fluctuate based on our life situations. Feelings can be truthful, based in reality, or they can be deceptive. I talk more about feelings (particularly being grateful) in this post from my series “Attitude is Everything.”Whatever your work situation, it’s important to own up to your feelings. 


Step 3 - Plan Your Path Forward

Finally, the third step to help you take ownership of your work and get unstuck is you need to plan your path forward. This canhappen a few different ways: 

  • Researching a new role in your current company.
  • Investigating new companies,and planning a wise exit strategy.
  • Exploring the idea of being a small business owner.
  • Talking with trusted friends about your situation, get their input,and start networking for a new work opportunity.

I’ve gone into more detail about these steps in some of my other blog posts below. I hope you’ll check them out:

The Season You’re In WILL End

If you work these three steps, I believe you can get past the world’s lie that you’re stuck in a job you hate. Remember that this season of life you’re in is just that -- a season between right now and what’s next.  It will come to an end! In the meantime, pray for the strength to control your outlook and your attitude. That’s what you can control.

You have the power to make decisions for your career. You can assess your situation, own your feelings, and plan your path forward. Remember that you’re in a season of life, and that it will come to an end. Because of all that, you can keep going. You are not stuck. That is the truth.