Why You Should Hire A Career Coach

There are many secrets to what makes a winning football team, but a major indicator of team success is their leader, their coach. The coach's job is to get each player to work with the others, to overcome obstacles, and ultimately to score points and win games. The same can be said for your career.

Sometimes, you need a coach to help you move forward in your career. Here are three reasons you should hire a career coach.


REASON #1 - Access to their knowledge and wisdom

When you work with a career coach, you get access to their knowledge and wisdom. Now hear me say this -- coaches are NOT perfect people. We mess up and make mistakes like anyone else. But the point is, when you hire a career coach, you can learn from their successes, their advice, and their failures to make better and career decisions. Learning from a career coach can save you a lot of pain and struggle as you find work you love.

REASON #2 - Help in achieving goals

Second, hiring a career coach gives you built-in support and accountability to setting and achieving your career goals. I won't talk about the ins and outs of goal-setting here, but the truth is many people have the idea to set goals, but they stop there. No one moves past the idea of goals and puts them into action.

When you have a career coach in your corner, they'll hold you to your goals if they truly care about you and your success. They will check in with you regularly about how things are going They may even be stern with you if you're falling short. All of that is part of the coaching process -- you're aiming at different things, you're learning, and you're coach is there to guide you and pick you back up when you fall down. A coach is on your journey with you.

REASON #3 - Get support and encouragement

The final reason you should hire a career coach is to get their support and encouragement. If you've had five interviews and no one is responding, your coach can show support and encouragement by helping you see how far you've progressed. They can remind you how you've tweaked you're resume to better represent you, how you've polished your interviewing skills, or how you know yourself better than when you started.

The job search process is often difficult and full of rejection, so you need someone like this. You need someone who can lift you up during the hard moments. A career coach can be that person for you.


I hope this post has helped you think about the idea of hiring a career coach. If you want to learn more about career coaching with me, schedule a free consultation today

Until next time, thanks for reading!