The Two Types of Jobs Everyone Has

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  I'm a firm believer that everyone has two types of jobs throughout their working lives. The two job types are:

1. "Get by" kind of jobs
2. "Ideal" jobs

  More than believing we all have these kinds of jobs in our working life, I want you to see how each one has significance for us as we work. Let's get going.


  When I say "get by" kinds of jobs, you can probably imagine what I mean. Maybe it's delivering pizzas, cutting grass, or working in an electronics store on the weekends with that boss you don't really like. I've been there, done it, and am still doing it now. But, our "get by" jobs have meaning.

  While we may not always "get by" kinds of jobs, they're significant because they give us stability. They keep the lights on and food on the table as we hustle to find our ideal job (which I will get to in a minute). "Get by" jobs teach us work ethic; they teach us perseverance.  

Don't drift through a "get by" kind of job. Pay attention because it's teaching you something.

Don’t drift through a “get by” kind of job. Pay attention because it’s teaching you something.
— Randy Mahoney



  I said that our "get by" jobs give us stability while we search for our ideal jobs. Our ideal jobs are the roles or positions where we are working in our strengths most of the time. This kind of work brings us joy, causes us to smile, gives us energy, and makes us creative even after a tough week. This is the thing you'd do eight hours a day, every day, ten years from now. 

  What is that thing for you? Do you have it in your mind? If so, great! But remember, you'll have to hustle to get there. 

  Jon Acuff in his book Quitter talks about the connections between our "get by" jobs and our "ideal" jobs. He says that our day jobs are a practice run for the jobs we want in the long-term. 

  No matter which type of job you're in, I want you to know there is hope. Your "get by" job is teaching you something, so pay attention. Your "ideal" job should have you running on all cylinders with passion. 

  Keep hustling for the work you want. You can do this! 

  Until next time, thanks for reading!

Find Jon Acuff's book Quitter here