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You know, I bet if you walked out on a street corner in your town and asked people if they wanted to grow personally or professionally, I’m sure many would say yes. But what if you asked them, “What’s your plan for personal growth?” How many could give you a detailed response?

I don’t think many would be able to. Here’s why.

Many people desire growth, but they don’t plan out HOW to grow. People WANT to grow, but they don’t have a PLAN! If you want to grow in any part of your life -- your career, your health, your finances -- you NEED a clear plan.

In today’s post, I’ll share two of my favorite tips for personal growth and I’ll provide you a free Professional Growth Plan, which you don’t want to miss. Let’s get started.

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My Two Favorite Tips for Personal Growth

1. Read More

One of the easiest ways you can boost your personal growth is reading more. Read authors you’ve always wanted to. Read books, articles, and blogs that are aligned with your industry. Order your time and order your life so you make time to read.

For me, I have an list of books that I am wanting to read on my Amazon profile. If a friend suggests books to me, I add them. I’ll even have family look at this list for ideas for holidays and birthdays. (Want books that I’ve read and recommend? Look here.)

One of the biggest values reading can offer you in your growth is facing new ideas. As you encounter different perspectives than your own, it’s a “shock to the system” so to speak. You start to think critically. You come to moments of decision -- deciding whether you agree with these new ideas or not. You read and re-read passages. You get frustrated and don’t know why. This is part of your growing and learning -- new information comes in, you evaluate it, and you become a different person because of it.

When you read, you think critically and engage new ideas. As you engage new ideas, growth happens. Read more. Invest in your personal growth.


2. Get A Mentor

The second way you can keep growing regardless of your career is to get a mentor in your life. To grow in profound ways, it’s always a good idea to learn from someone further along than you.

Find someone who’s successful at something you want to succeed in, then learn from them. Take them to lunch. Buy them coffee. Ask them thoughtful, relevant questions. Respect their time.

Having a mentor in your life brings a few benefits. First, a mentor gives you a safe place to ask questions. Second, you’re able to learn from your mentor’s mistakes and (hopefully) not repeat them. Lastly, when you  have a mentor, you have a sounding board for your ideas and goals.

If you want to truly succeed, having a mentor in your life is a must-have!

Remember: You Need A Plan...

You can say you want to grow all you want. But nothing will change until you craft a specific plan for your growth. Maybe it starts by reading more. Or maybe you need to search out a mentor to help you. No matter what your career is, no matter what you do, you need to plan your personal growth.

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