How to Work Better in 2018, Part 1

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A New Year Means New Possibilities…

 Behold, the first days of January are upon us. We have many more shopping days until next Christmas. The phrase “new year, new you” doesn’t have to be a phrase on a t-shirt this year. No, you CAN be a new you this year. You CAN bring a new mindset to your life and your work this year. You can work better in 2018. It’s possible, and over the next few weeks I’ll share with you my top three ways you can work better in 2018.

 Here’s the first way you can work better in 2018 -- remember that work is not your life.

Work All Day; Avoid What’s Important.

 Yes, you read that right. We are living in a culture that is very much backwards on how it views our careers and work. It applauds the businessperson who slaves away at the office for hours each week but neglects being at home with their family. If we’re not careful, we can get into a mindset like that  -- one that works all the time and avoids the important things.

 But let me clarify something -- if there’s anyone who wants to be a cheerleader for you to work hard and work better, it’s me. But here’s the truth -- even while working, you can’t neglect the other important parts of your life. In fact, this truth came about when I met with someone over coffee.

Coffee And Conversation Turns to Truth

 Here’s the story. I was having coffee recently with an acquaintance who was just starting in the financial industry. She mentioned wanting to prove people wrong by being successful in her new-found work. I also found out that she was very artistic growing up, but her current work put her art on hold. After I heard that, I paused and thought for a moment. Then, I offered her some encouragement that I would give to you were you sitting across from me -- “ ‘When’ won’t come; Make time to be artistic now, even if it’s only a small amount of time.”

 That’s the reality of life -- it’s constantly moving! “When” won’t come. The perfect conditions won’t come. It is your and my responsibility to determine what’s truly important for us and make the time we need to.

***TIP FOR AWESOME READERS: One of the best ways to determine what’s truly important for your work and your life is to set clear, specific goals.

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 As a career coach, I believe you can work well AND still make time for what’s truly important in your life. The important things will be different for everyone, but you need to decide what those important things are.

Maybe it’s your spiritual life. Maybe it’s your family. Maybe it’s your inner-circle of friends. Whatever it is for you, label it as “important,” and then make time for it. Only you can make that decision.

When you start to make time for what’s really important, then you’re changing things. You’re starting to happen to your life instead of life just happening to you. When you start to do that, then you remember that your work is only a small part of your life.

That’s what I’m believing for you and your work in 2018. You can work better this year, but only if you realize that work is not your life.

Here’s to working better in 2018...


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