How To Hustle: Choose to Persist

Starting Off

Today continues part 2 of my blog series “How To Hustle,” where I’m trying to help you get a clear definition of what it means to hustle in your career. (Want to catch up? Click here). This week we explore the second piece of truly hustling in your career -- choosing to persist.

How to be Persistent

Merriam-Webster (a.k.a. my go-to resource to define all the big words I see on Jeopardy) defines “persist” as going on stubbornly, even in when challenges come or opposition appears.

Persisting in your career means you go on anyway, even in the face of challenges.

I’ve already talked about opposition and resistance in part 1, but I want to clear something up here -- as you hustle to make wise career decisions and do work that matters, being persistent doesn’t mean you ignore the rest of your life or your family to find work you love. No, being persistent while finding a better work fit means that you still remember the big picture. Career coach Dan Miller says about this about our career changes -- “you have to remember what you’re going TO, not what you’re running from.”


Persisting in your career means you go on anyway, even in the face of challenges.
— Randy Mahoney


When you’re changing your employment or career path, being persistent means you lay out a clear plan for where you want to go, then keep that plan in front of you moving forward. I don’t know what the plan looks like for where you are, but here’s what I do know -- you won’t find the work you’re looking for until you lay out a clear path.

But what helps us GET on a clear path?

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Getting Clear Means Asking Questions

I’ve said that being persistent in your career journey means you remember the big picture, and that you’re only able to do that if you have a clear plan of where you want to go. I believe that the first step to get clear on your career journey is to know yourself.

When I say you have to know yourself, I mean you have to take a good, long look in the mirror and understand who you are as a person. You have to remember your past-- the activities you enjoyed growing up, the skills that came naturally to you. Also, in knowing yourself, you have to honestly assess where you are now. Consider asking these questions to get started:

1. What are my personal values?

2. What are my natural skills?

3. Does my current job align with these? If not, why not?

4. Why did I choose my current job in the first place? Was it for the money, to please family, or some other reason?

5. If you’re frustrated in your current employment, why do you think that is?

One thing’s for sure -- getting to know yourself will take focused time and effort. But the truth is that wise career decisions only come when you thoughtfully ask questions like these. Wise career decisions only come when you really know your skills, your personal values, and your reasons for choosing an employer.

A Promise to Persist

As I wrap up here, I want to make you a promise here in this moment, and I fully stand behind it -- I promise you, if you really start to know yourself like I’ve mentioned, you WILL reap long-term benefits in your career and in your life. You will make wise career decisions. You’ll evaluate your current and future employers better. You’ll choose a job not based on the paycheck, but begin working because it’s aligned with your natural skills, your values, and really, the mission of your life.

Embrace the process. Choose to persist in your career journey. Keep going on, despite the challenges. You are worth it!