How Faith Fits Into Your Career Journey

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  I'm a career coach. I'm a Christian saved by Jesus Christ. That is the lens that I look through as I coach people and interact with the world. Me even typing that is offensive to someone. I get that, and I am not afraid. You shouldn't be, either.

  Faith plays a part in everyone's career journey, whether you're a person of faith or not. Here are three reasons why faith fits into your career journey.


Reason #1 - We are all spiritual beings

  You and I have been made with purpose. I believe we've been made by God the Father, the Maker of the Universe. Another way to say it is you've been made "on purpose, for a purpose." My pastor would say "on purpose, for a purpose" means that we've been made by God be in relationship with Him and to go and make disciples of Jesus.

  I believe all of that to be true, and here's my point -- your life matters! Yes, I mean yours! You are alive for something bigger than you. You are a spiritual being, and the capacity for faith and purpose are divinely woven into your DNA. Once you understand that, you can allow faith to be part of your life journey and your career journey.

Reason #2 - Faith affects how we respond to life circumstances

  Faith is a crucial piece for your successful career journey because life happens to all of us. No one is exempt. People are fired everyday, downsizing hits companies big and small, and all families are affected. When you have a thriving spiritual life and faith, you are able to respond better to your life circumstances. 

  This could be a quiet, honest family prayer at the dinner table when dad tells about how he got let go. This could be the single mom who needed this job to survive, but got let go anyway.

  When faith is part of your life, you're able to face difficult life circumstances with hope and perseverance. You're able to dust yourself off,  get back up, and keep moving in the direction God has for you. But only if you have an active, growing spiritual life.

Reason #3 - Faith causes you to make different decisions.

  When you have an active spiritual life and are growing in your faith, you often won't make the same decisions that you used to. Your old way of doing things, without faith, won't match up to the new life of faith God is bringing you into. Part of that new, faith-filled life comes out in making new decisions, and making different career choices is no different. Let me explain with a story. 

  Recently, I had an interview for an hourly position at an Elementary school as their Computer Lab Teacher. I went into the interview thinking that this would be a backup position, that I wouldn't really give it much thought. But once I got into the interview, I was amazed at how their principal talked about their school. I was even more impressed when she told me how supportive their staff was in the last year as many of their faculty faced tragedies like cancer and even losing a child. I got back in my car and immediately talked to God. I believe my words were something like, "Wow, God! Well, what do I do now?" 

  That was a faith-filled moment in my career journey. God met me in that moment to show me where He was in the unexpected and to help me pay attention. Moments like this can happen for you, too. They happen as you embrace the idea that you're a spiritual being, and that faith does fit into your career journey.