Why Gossip Destroys Your Work


The goal of today’s post is to inform you so you can make wise career decisions. One way to do that is to know if you're in a toxic work environment, and it's important you know where you stand on this.

This is an important issue because I believe many of us are trudging away in a toxic work environment and we don't know it. People are hurting, people are not productive, and worst of all people are leaving only to land in another toxic place. 

This is bad news and it has to change!

So, how do you know if the work environment you’re in is toxic? One way to know is if gossip exists where you work. Gossip is dangerous to everyone -- it will destroy you, your team, and your company. Here’s why.

Gossip is dangerous to everyone — it will destroy you, your team, and your company.
— Randy Mahoney


Gossip exists when someone shares their problems with someone who can’t do anything about the situation. It’s when you vent to a co-worker about your boss instead of talking to your boss directly. Now, I’m all about voicing your concerns and solving problems. But the problem with gossip is that you’re trying to solve problems in an unhealthy way, and it makes gossip dangerous.


1. It’s an unhealthy way to solve problems

When you involve others who can’t do anything about the work situation or just complain along with you, it’s not helpful or productive. Like I wrote earlier, I am all for solving your work problems. But, I want you to solve them in healthy productive ways. Gossip isn’t the answer for you or your company.

2. Gossip affects everyone

Gossip is a disease because it spreads negativity like crazy and it can tear apart your entire company, your department, or your team.

Let me give you an example of this. Recently, one of my co-workers at my “get by” job shared some issues had with a staff member who worked on our day shift. As she was venting her story, I noticed that this other staff member kept saying negative things about my co-worker to other people and that our day shift were gossiping about other workers. This was an alarm bell ringing in my mind. It was saying, “Danger! Danger! Gossip is present!”

After hearing this, I suggested my co-worker speak with our manager and our HR Department to work things out, but it seemed too late. Gossip had done its damage. My co-worker’s tone was negative, their body language was downcast, and their ability to get things done was at zero.

When gossip is allowed in your work environment, it will destroy you just like it did my co-worker. If unchecked, it will work its way to wipe out your team and the rest of your work environment. Gossip is a bad idea. Avoid it at all costs!

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