Getting from A "Get By" Job to Your "Ideal" Job


Earlier this week, I posted about the two types of jobs I think everyone faces in their working lifetime (find the link below to read that article). Today, I'd like to add another layer to that concept. I want to share with you a secret about going from a "get by" job to your "ideal" job.

Here it is -- you can go from a "get by" job to an "ideal" job by choosing to work with integrity and excellence.

Wherever you may be job-wise, you can choose to work with excellence and honesty. You can choose to give your best every single day, regardless of your circumstances, your co-workers, or the weather. You can choose not to take office supplies even though it's easy. You can choose to put the smartphone down and be at work while you're working.

Here's the thing about working with integrity and excellence--if you choose to work this way, people WILL notice, and I believe promotion and advancement can come from that.


In my opinion, our world is in desperate need of people who work with honesty, who do what they say they will, and give their best during their work hours. I'll even be bold and say that if you choose to work with integrity, people may see you as a Unicorn or Bigfoot -- they'll see you as a mythical creature. They may even think you don't exist. But you DO exist because you decided to be different than everyone else.

Choose to be different. Choose to work with integrity and excellence. That's how you can go from a "get by" job to your "ideal" job. 

Until next time, thanks for reading!