Attitude Is Everything - Handling Rejection in Your Job Search


 Thanks for checking out the Arrow Path Coaching blog. Today, my series “Attitude Is Everything” continues. If you didn’t check out my first post of this series, here’s a link to that one.  Now, let’s get started.

 No one likes to be rejected, whether it’s not getting a date with the girl or guy that catches your eye, or missing out on the job you were dead-set in getting. Rejection hurts. It stings! But there’s hope for you as you work to find focus in your career. There are ways we can handle rejection in the job search process. Here they are.

3 Ways to Handle Rejection in Your Job Search

1. Acknowledge the Rejection

 This one is pretty simple -- own up to the reality that you’ve been rejected. Admit the fact a hiring manager said “no” or “that they were considering other candidates.” In his great book Integrity, Dr. Henry Cloud says that life is full of successes and disappointments, and our character is formed when we are able to meet these head on and keep moving ahead. To admit that you got rejected in your job search is a character building exercise. Admit the pain and hurt; don’t ignore it. Then, keep going from there.

2. Celebrate your job search successes

 If you’ve gotten a lot of no’s in your job search so far, you can overcome rejection by remembering the good things you’ve accomplished as you’ve started to find work that aligns with your strengths and your personal mission.  This is a big reason I use Dan Miller’s book 48 Days to the Work You Love as part of my career coaching process. His book is a great way to get focused in your job search and track your progress as you reach out to companies. The job search process is full of no’s. To be successful, you have to remember how you’ve succeeded along the way.

The job search process is full of no’s. You need to remember how you’ve succeeded along the way.
— Randy Mahoney



3. Just Keep Moving

 There’s a great video I posted from Dave Ramsey a few weeks ago that confirms the idea that we just need to keep moving when rejection comes. I agree with him in that as you keep moving ahead, worry doesn’t have a place to live in your mind and heart.

 Keep planning, keep moving ahead. Do not give up. When you do that, worry, shame, and fear won’t be the dominant voices.

 There is hope for you if you’ve faced rejection in your job search.

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