Attitude Is Everything - Getting Practical in Your Job Search


**This is the third and final post in my series "Attitude Is Everything." Read my other posts in series HERE.**

  As a career coach, I want my clients to find work that they love. I want them to labor in something that is aligned with their strengths. I want them to believe  in themselves again. I want them to be successful.

  But in the pursuit of success, there’s always a practical side to things: paying the mortgage, feeding your family, and keeping the lights on. That’s what I’m talking about today -- the practical side of pursuing your dream job.


You Can’t Put Your Life On Hold

  In your search for the ideal position, role, or company, you can’t ignore the rest of your life. It’s not like you can put your life on hold, leave behind your responsibilities, and search for work you love. No! You MUST care for your household during your job search. This is true whether you’re unemployed or if you’re stuck in a full-time job you hate. Here are two ways you can get practical in your job search.

Two Ways to Get Practical in Your Job Search

1.  Find a “get by” job so you have stability

  I’ve talked about “get by” kinds of jobs in earlier posts, but I’ll sum it up here. A “get by” job is one that provides an income. That’s it! You might not like it, but that doesn’t matter at this point. A “get by” job’s purpose is to provide for the needs of your family. It’s food-on-the-table and hot-water-in-your-bathroom kind of money.

  If you’re not working right now, finish reading this and then go get a “get by” job by the end of this week. I mean it! You need to care for your family and your bills. Go and do it! If you are employed and don’t like what you’re doing, commit to stay for a few months while you search out your dream job.

  A “get by” job gives you stability and hope to keep going. When you have stability, when your bills are paid, THEN you can start to dream about the future, THEN you can begin to plan out where you want to be working in the future. The “get by” job is a safety net while you search for your dream.

A ‘get by’ job gives you stability and hope to keep going.
— Randy Mahoney

2.   Once you’re stable, start searching for your dream job.

  Once you have a “get by” job and are able to balance your income and finances, THEN you can start searching for your dream job. Begin by taking a honest look at yourself. Examine your natural strengths and abilities. Think about your personality and how it’s been at work in your employment so far. Then, start researching companies you’d like to work for.

  For some, searching for their ideal job is a daunting task, so hiring a career coach to help you may be the right next step for you (Read about three reasons to hire a career coach HERE).

  This post may be harsh with me saying you need to work somewhere you may not like for a while, but it’s crucial to your career success. Getting practical in your job search can bring a sense of direction and eliminate many worries. When your family is fed, when the lights are on, you can start dreaming about the future work you want. When these basic needs are met, you have stability and hope. You can relax and start dreaming of the future life you desire.

  Don’t sit around waiting for the perfect job to come along. Your dream job isn’t going to fall into your lap, and the world isn’t going to stop turning while you search for it either. Find some stability in a “get by” job. Then, and only then, start searching for the career of your dreams.